Origin of Cigarette | 7 most cigarette consuming countries

Everyone knows how a Cigarette looks like, and many know how it will taste. The tobacco is stuffed in paper and rolled with a filter attached to it. Cigarette consumption is drastically increasing all around the world even knowing it is harmful to health. Here let’s talk about only the origin of cigarettes and the 7 most cigarette-consuming countries. 

Origin of Cigarette

Cigarette consumption started using in the 9th century in Mexico and North American countries. The people of the Maya civilization smoked cigarettes during their festival rituals. From them, it slowly introduced to other parts of North American countries. Later it is introduced to Spain, people used maize leaf wrapper for smoking. In the 17th century, fine paper was used as a wrapper. By 1830 the cigarette consumption increased and crossed France and spread to other parts of Europe. 

In the 1880s James Albert Bonsack developed a cigarette-making machine. Before this machine was developed over 40000 cigarettes were manufactured by hand rolling. After this machine was developed the production of cigarettes increased from 40000 to 4 million. Now cigarette production and consumption have spread all over the world. Now let’s see the 7 most cigarette-consuming countries. 

7 most cigarette-consuming countries

Over 1 billion people smoke every day which is 20% of the 2014 world’s population. In the below list you find countries like Andorra and Bulgaria on top, and this makes a biased list for some. Because they say, here the cigarette prices are cheaper than comparing to their neighboring countries which result in high sales here. And the highest sales doesn’t mean the highest usage in the country. The below list is taken from Wikipedia List of countries by cigarette consumption per capita. The below list Cigarette consumption per year per person aged above. The below list is based on the 2016 survey.

1 Andorra

Andorra is in Europe, located between France and Spain countries. In this country, people smoke 6,398.3 cigarettes per year.

2 Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country in Europe. This country shares its border with Belgium, France, and Germany. In Luxembourg, cigarettes consumption is 6,330.9 per person in a year.

3 Belarus

Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. Belarus shares its border with Russia. Belarus cigarette consumption is 2,911.3 per person in a year.

4 North Macedonia

North Macedonia country in southeast Europe. North Macedonia got its independence in 1991. The North Macedonia cigarettes consumption is 2,784.9 cigarettes per year.

5 Albania

Albania is a small country in southeast Europe. The cigarette consumption per year in Albania is 2,491.6.

6 Belgium

Belgium is a country in Western Europe. The Belgium cigarette consumption per year is 2,440.9.

7 Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in central Europe. The Czech Republic cigarette consumption per year is 2,427.9.

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