7 Top Indian Film Actors with most Marriages and Divorces

Anywhere in the world Film, actors have special attention from the people. People are always curious about their favorite actors’ personal and film lives. Compare to Hollywood, Indian movie stars have less rate of divorces. So usually, it will become a headline if the Indian actor or actress gets a divorce. Here the list of top Indian Film celebrities with most marriages and divorces. The following list is considered based on their popularity and the number of marriages three or more.

1 Kishore Kumar – Four Marriages

Kishore Kumar was an Indian playback singer, actor, music director, lyricist, writer, director, producer, and screenwriter. He had married four times.

  • Ruma Guha Thakurta (marriage – 1950; divorce 1958)

Ruma Guha Thakurta was an Indian actress and singer primarily associated with Bengali language films. Kishore Kumar married her in the year 1950 and has a son Amit Kumar. In the year 1958, the couple divorced. Later Ruma Guha Thakurta married Arup Guha Thakurta in 1960.

  • Madhubala (​marriage. 1960; her death 1969)

Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi was the real name of Madhubala. Madhubala was a famous Indian actress. To date, many Indian actors admire her beauty and screen presence. Kishore Kumar married Madhubala in the year 1960 after the death of Madhubala, Kishore Kumar married another woman in the year 1976.

  • Yogeeta Bali (marriage 1976; divorce 1978)

Yogeeta Bali was an Indian actress who was active from 1970 through 1980. Kishore Kumar married her in the year 1976 and got divorced in the year 1978. Later, Yogeeta Bali married Mithun Chakraborty in the year 1979.

  • Leena Chandavarkar (marriage 1980)

Leena Chandavarkar was an Indian actress, now she is appearing in some reality shows as a guest. Kishore Kumar married Leena Chandavarkar in the year of 1980. He died in the year 1987 at the age of 58.

2 Sanjay Dutt – Three Marriages

Sanjay Dutt is the most popular Bollywood actor. He married three times.

  • Richa Sharma (marriage 1987: her death 1996)

Sanjay Dutt married Richa Sharma in the year 1987. The couple has a girl, Trishala Dutt. Inside two years of marriage, she was determined to have a cerebrum tumor. Richa passed in the year 1996 at her parent’s home in the USA.

  • Rhea Pillai (marraige 1998; divroce 2008)

Rhea Pillai was a model and acted in television shows and advertising. Sanjay Dutt married Rhea Pillai in the year 1998 and got separated in the year 2008.

  • Manyata Dutt (marraige 2008)

Manyata Dutt is an entrepreneur and the current CEO of Sanjay Dutt Productions. Sanjay Dutt married Manyata Dutt in the year 2008, the couple has two children.

3 Karan Singh Grover – Three Marriages

Karan Singh Grover is a Model and actor, well known as a television serials actor. He married three times.

  • Shraddha Nigam (marriage 2008; divorce 2009)

Shraddha Nigam is an Indian film and television actress. Karan Singh Grover married Shraddha Nigam in the year 2008. The couple’s marriage life ended in just 10 months.

  • Jennifer Winget (marraige 2012; divorce 2014)

Jennifer Winget is a television actress who has a huge fan following. She became more popular for her portrayal of Kumud Desai in Saraswatichandra. Karan Singh Grover married Jennifer Winget in the year 2012 and got separated in the year 2014. 

  • Bipasha Basu (marriage 2016)

Bipasha Basu is a famous Bollywood actress who also acted in the south Indian film industry. Karan Singh Grover married Bipasha Basu in the year 2016.

4 Kamal Hassan – Three Marriages

Kamla Hassan is a multi-talented Pan Indian movie star well known for his brilliant acting skills. He is an Indian actor, dancer, film director, screenwriter, producer, playback singer, lyricist, and a Tamil Nadu political party founder and leader. Kamal Hassan married three times.

  • Vani Ganapathy (marriage 1978; divorce 1988)

Vani Ganapathy is a famous Indian classic dancer. Kamal Hassan married Vani Ganapathy in the year 1978, and they both separated in the year 1988.

  • Sarika (marriage 1988; divorce 2004)

Sarika is an Indian actress and also worked as a costume designer, sound designer. Kamal Hassan married Sarika in the year 1988 and has two children, Sruthi Hassan and Akshara Hassan well know actresses in Indian cinema. Kamal Hassan and Sarika separated in the year 2004.

  • Gautami (Domestic partner 2005 – 2016)

Gautami is a famous Indian actress who acted in many Indian movies. Kamal Hassan and Gautami have stayed together from 2005 to 2016. In 2016 Gautami had announced on her blog that she had ended her relationship with him.

5 Raadhika – Three Marriages

Raadhika is one of the Legendary actresses in the south Indian film industry. Raadhika now acts on television and as a producer. Raadhika married three times.

  • Pratap Pothen (marriage 1985; divorce 1986)

Pratap Pothen, is an Indian entertainer, author, and director who has acted in around 100 movies. Raadhika married Pratap in the year 1985 and got separated in 1986.

  • Richard Hardy (marriage 1990; divorce 1993)

Richard Hardy is a British man, Raadhika married Richard in the year 1990, and they got separated in the year 1993.

  • R. Sarathkumar (marriage 2001)

R. Sarathkumar is a popular actor in the south Indian film industry. He has acted in more than 130 south Indian movies. He was a former bodybuilder and MP in Rajya Sabha. Raadhika married Sarathkumar in 2001.

6 Pawan Kalyan – Three Marriages

Pawan Kalyan has a crazy fan following in Tollywood, he is a famous personality in India. He is an actor, director, and also a political party founder and leader. Pawan Kalyan married three times.

  • Nandini (marraige 1997; divorce 2007)

Nandini is from a middle-class family, she doesn’t have any film or political background. Pawan Kalyan married Nandhini in the year 1997 and they got separated in the year 2007.

  • Renu Desai (marriage 2009; divorce 2012)

Renu Desai is an actress in Tollywood and currently a director in Marathi movies. Pawan Kalyan married Renu Desai in the year 2009 and has two children. Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai got separated in the year 2012.

  • Anna Lezhneva (marraige 2013)

Anna Lezhneva is a Russian model, and now she is the wife of Pawan Kalyan. The couple has two children.

7 Neelima Azeem – Three Marriages

Neelima Azeem is an Indian actress and the mother of famous Bollywood actor Shahid Kapor and his brother Ishaan. Neelima Azeem married three times.

  • Pankaj Kapur (marriage 1979; divorce 1984)

Pankaj Kapur is a popular Actor, Story writer, Screenwriter, and Director. Neelima Azeem and Pankaj Kapur married in the year 1979 and gave birth to two children. They got separated in the year 1984.

  • Rajesh Khattar (marriage 1990; divorce 2001)

Rajesh Khattar is a film and television actor. Neelima Azeem and Rajesh Khattar married in the year 1990 and got separated in the year 2001.

  • Raza Ali Khan (marriage 2004; divorce 2009)

Ustad Raza Ali Khan is an Indian classical vocalist of the Kasur Patiala Gharana. Neelima Azeem and Raza Ali Khan married in the year 2004 and got separated in the year 2009.

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