25 daily rules to follow to make your work life happier

As per research, The normal individual will go through 90,000 hours at the workplace over a lifetime. We almost spend one-third of our Life at our workplace. Our workplace tensions or negative energy affects our personal life resulting in damaging our entire life and peace.
There are so many rules and tips suggested by psychologists to live happily. Out of those, I have listed 25 daily rules to follow so that we can make our work life and personal life happier.

1 Talk Less

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

People listen to those who talk less. When you over talk you waste lots of your energy. When we talk more to our colleagues, we end up revealing all our personal and workplace secrets to them. It would be ideal if you note that talking less doesn’t mean not sharing our considerations and sentiments. You can lead a happier life by adopting the habit of talking less.

2 Don’t Show Off

Sense of self is the best insidious and flaunting is an indication of human personality. We look for joy by flaunting. We need to be better than others. It fortifies our sense of Ego. In this way, it is against the otherworldly improvement of an individual.

3 Don’t interrupt others while talking

Interrupting is regularly an impolite activity. Truth be told, more often than not intruding on a discussion or upsetting somebody when they’re talking isn’t suggested. You will feel happier when you follow this rule, especially at the workplace cafeteria.

4 Listen to other’s suggestions silently.

If your colleague or manager giving you suggestions don’t let your ego get in. Listen to them silently without interrupting if they are right, follow those suggestions if they are wrong then just smile and leave without an argument.

5 Don’t allow friend & neighbor to interfere in your family issues

No one understands our family better than us. When you face an issue in the family, just sit alone and think for a solution or talk to your family members. But, do not let your colleagues or neighbors interfere with your family issues.

6 Don’t speak badly about others behind their back.

It’s truly not your concern since you likely don’t have a clue about the entire story, which means you are making bogus presumptions about somebody or a specific circumstance. Which for some situations could bring about you lying. Presently in the event that you get captured, you’ve destroyed your standing alongside the individual who you chose to discuss not with.

7 Don’t force others to do your work

When you force others to do your work you are indirectly making enemies in your workplace. By forcing others we lose dignity and respect when you lose respect from your colleagues then it leads to stress and unhappiness. So, don’t ever force others to do your work to make your life happier.

8 Don’t take loans to impress someone

I have seen many of my colleagues buying costlier things to impress others. They buy brand new iPhone on loan to impress others. But how long that impression lasts the next day they will attract another person who bought a new car or a gadget. But they need to clear that loan for months. During this COVID 19, we all have seen how difficult for us to pay EMI’s and rents without a salary. So, to lead a happier life stop buying expensive things to just impress others.

9 Take Tough Responsibilities

By taking tough responsibilities you become more confident. You become a role model and your decision-making skill improves a lot.

10 Don’t fight for Celebs, Sports players & Politicians

You make enemies in your workplace by arguing or fighting for celebs, sports players, and politicians. Never fight for such things, keep it with yourself the opinions you have on sports, politics, and celebs. By doing this you will be happier in your workplace.

11 Don’t advise until someone asked you

This doesn’t mean you ignore anybody. It just methods you watch, keep tabs on their development, stay silent, and afterward be prepared to respond to their inquiries in a positive, moving way.

12 Don’t get trapped in marketing strategies

Marketing ads or strategies create a necessity and then sell to you. Don’t buy things as soon as you watched an ad on tv or social media. Ads will create a temptation to buy that product, but before going to buy that thing just wait for 1 week. Mostly after 1 week, the temptation created by the marketing ads will lose and you can save that money for any other essentials.

13 Don’t fall for someone’s look only

Don’t judge someone by their looks. I have seen a few people in my workplace who decide that pretty people work smart. Hope you have read the following quote.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

14 Step up for the next thing after break-up & failures

Failure is the most common thing we face in our workplace. Even after deep research and hard work our project or idea may fail. But, you should ne strong and be ready with the next step. By doing this you can be happy and positive.

15 Don’t waste your own time on discussing someone’s personal life

Don’t waste your time and energy on unnecessary things like discussing someone’s personal life.

16 Don’t waste your whole time on social media

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”

― Bruce Lee

You get nothing by scrolling the news feed on social media. Spend very little time on social media and save the rest of the time for any productivity or workouts.

17 Don’t care about what people talk about you either on your back or on whatever social platforms

How much trouble he avoids who does not look to see what his neighbor says or does or thinks, but only to what he does himself, that it may be just and pure; or as Agathon says, look not round at the depraved morals of others, but run straight along the line without deviating from it.

– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 4.18

18 Don’t react suddenly, but at the right time

When your colleague arguing with and making you angry don’t react suddenly. Wait for the right time and then respond. This will not only make you happier also it makes you confident.

19 Don’t get trapped in the words of someone

Some people are very good at using words. Don’t get trapped in their words, before reacting to their words think about it twice.

20 Don’t change your lifestyle by seeing others

Dont change your lifestyle by seeing your colleagues. You may have a healthy lifestyle like waking up early, eating at a regular time, and not having junk food. Try to adopt a healthy lifestyle by others but not the toxic one. Remember, either in personal life or work life your habits and lifestyle plays a major role in happiness. Try to adopt healthy habits and lifestyles.

21 Don’t mix up your personal & professional life

Personal life and professional life both are different, try not to mix up them. Don’t carry your personal life issues to your workplace and your workplace tensions to your personal life.

22 Maintain a balance between earning & Spending money

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving”

– Warren Buffett

23 Don’t take drugs, alcohol, tobacco products just to look cool

We look cool by having a healthy body, not by taking drugs, alcohol, tobacco products.

24 Learn the word ‘NO’ in the very early stage

Saying ‘NO’ is simply the best apparatus you have for separating yourself from pessimistic individuals or circumstances. Remind yourself how important your time is, and you’re more averse to falter with regards to denying something you truly don’t have any desire to do.

25 Don’t share your secrets, wealth, weaknesses with anyone

We never who is good and bad, people may show their real face at any time. So, beware of with whom you are sharing your secrets. By not sharing your secrets, wealth, weaknesses with anyone you can be very happy and no need to remember with whom you have shared secrets.

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