Origin of Shawarma | Health Benefits of Shawarma

Shawarma is grabbing huge attention from all around the world. Shawarma is now the most famous evening snack in few parts of Asia and Mexico. The origin of Shawarma is Ottoman Empire located in Turkey.

There no proper evidence that how did this recipe introduce to other parts of the world from Turkey. But in recent days this recipe has gained more popularity when compared to the other evening recipes. 

For those who are not aware of shawarma, the meat (chicken, beef, lamp) is chopped into pieces and marinated with ingredients. The marinated meat is stuck to a vertical rotating rod. The hot was placed behind this vertical rod which has the marinated meat. The meat is cooked with heat and later the cooked meat is chopped into slices and served in roti or bread. 

Health Benefits of Shawarma

There are mixed opinions on the health Benefits of Shawarma. Few say that the chefs might use animal oil. The animal fat which passes from the top to the bottom of the meat, which is in cone shape leads to obesity. Keeping this argument aside we will see the positive side of this recipe that is the Health Benefits of Shawarma.

Good source of protein:

Since shawarma is a meat-stuffed recipe it is a good source of protein. The average size shawarma consists of 30g-40g of protein in it. 

Good source of calcium:

Calcium is very important to the human body. It helps in making bones stronger. Even for your heart and muscles, calcium is required. Eating shwarma will help in getting calcium to our body.

Good source of fiber:

Fiber helps in digestion and normalizes bowel movements. Lowers cholesterol levels and helps in controlling blood sugar levels. Since shawarma provides a good amount of fiber, it is a great healthy grab for an evening snack.

Good Source of Vitamin C

Shawarma is a good source of Vitamin C. Nutrient C, otherwise called ascorbic corrosive, is a water-solvent supplement found in certain nourishments. In the body, it goes about as a cancer prevention agent, assisting with shielding cells from the harm brought about by free extremists. Free extremists are aggravates framed when our bodies convert the food we eat into energy.

Good Source of Vitamin B6

Another medical advantage of shawarma is the manner in which it gives a decent wellspring of Vitamin B6. As one of the nutrient B-Complex, nutrient B6 participates in keeping up by and large body wellbeing. For example, it is trusted you can keep a sound sensory system, secure the resistant framework, and backing mind work. On another hand, the absence of nutrient B6 supplements can prompt uneasiness, misery, and muscle torments.

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